Monday, October 26, 2009


As another holiday approaches (Halloween) I remember lovingly of Halloween pasts. There was the year my son wanted to be a six armed monster, my daughter a bumblebee (with a broken arm) and still another costume request of batman (before you could just buy batman costumes). I often wondered why MY children never wanted to be a witch or ghost or something easy to make. While moaning and groaning I would sit down figure out and create the costumes of their wishes. The holiday was a huge discomfort to me. But my children enjoyed the role playing in whatever character they chose to be for the year. Some costumes where handed down so many family members and friends could use them. And I find I really did like the challenge of yet 4 more costume creations! It was fun to plan and construct with each child looking on as the director of their fantasy world that I could put into reality.
As I look back, I wish I had embraced the creativity of both my children and myself with more love. The memories of those special Halloweens are precious. I know my kids loved them. The pictures of bright smiles tell the story. I’m glad I took the effort to create what was displayed in their minds. Memories of a happy childhood are but one piece of life I can give them! So go and create those memories with YOUR children—and stop grumbling!

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