Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My second oldest daughter called me to day. Her birthday is this week and her employer asked for an amusing vacation story for their newsletter. I knew exactly which one she would choose! It was the vacation to Canada in a borrowed motor home. While crossing a narrow bridge with no shoulders into Canada, a tire blew. With no where to pull over and a long line of traffic behind we had to ride 3 miles on a flat tire. On the other side we couldn't find anyone to fix the tire (and rim) on a Sunday evening so we had to "camp" in a parking lot only to find the septic tank was badly leaking the next morning. From start to finish it was a trip from hell. At the time I didn't realize the trip would later bring us laughter every time we talked about it.

Yesterday I had conversation with a client about her daughter's behavior. Seems the 5 year old blurted out in a quiet moment in church, "this place sucks". Mom was mortified and embarrassed beyond the limit. She couldn't think of a consequence harsh enough!!!! So we talked about perspective---- Did the child hurt anyone? Was it a behavior typical of a child? Was she being deliberately defiant? All were 'no's. While the behavior was inappropriate, I bet it was one incident they will both laugh about in 20 years. Let's look at our children's behavior in perspective.....will that one incident mold who they are! Learn to laugh and love with your kids!!!