Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with kids is so fun! I just started a summer position as a Garden Educator for a community garden. The neighborhood folks have stopped by to tell me their gardening stories---stories of family plots, the food harvested and good times in the garden. I'm looking forward to teaching the children about dirt, plants, bugs, composting and just feeling the dirt between our fingers. I was happy to see that the Brain Institute found the quality and quantity of time children spend in nature directly effects the physical health of the brain. No pun intended but---that's a no-brainer! All the things children need to grow an active brain are in nature---movement, curiousity stimulation, free thinking, peacefulness added to the fresh air! How could this not be good? Now add a relaxed adult with you for conversation and companionship..... you have a perfect activity! I'll be sharing nature with all the children I come in contact with this summer. I hope you do the same!