Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday I went strawberry picking with two of my daughters and granddaughters. Nothing compares to the taste of just picked berries! The sweetness and juiciness cannot be described. My youngest granddaughter (2 years old) had her first experience of finding and eating the berries and she loved them! As we worked our way down our assigned rows I listened to the nearby conversations. "I remember the strawberry pie Grandma used to make". "We always came to this farm when I was little. I loved eating the fresh strawberries". "Honey, how many berries do you think we'll need for a double batch of jam?". The dialogs centered around home, families and memories. Everyone had a memory of picking strawberries and of past family members contributions to the harvest. My own daughters remembered my disappointment when, at the end of the berry picking outing, they had only a few berries in the their basket. Their bellies, however, were very full! They have wonderful memories of this activity and I am happy to say ---are passing those memories and first hand experiences down to their children. What memories are you creating with your children?

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